Chinese Association conspires to ruin Dalai Lama’s justifiable speech by using so called “Students’ Union” as facade. With proof attached.

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About Dalai Lama’s visit and speech in University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in June, Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) has already reported to the Consulate-General of PRC in Los Angeles, waiting for the embassy’s command. Meanwhile, CSSA announces that:

CSSA has contacted with related departments in UCSD and madserious protests. However, UCSD hasn’t responded to our statement yet. The association suggests that Chinese students should remain calm and do not act radically for Dalai Lama’s clown tricks.


Dalai Lama is not just some religious personnel, but also a rebel leader and exile who leads the movement dedicating to separate Tibet from China. In recent years, some western leaders headed by the U.S. allowed Dalai Lama to visit their countries. Now even UCSD’s leaders are meeting Dalai Lama in person. These actions are not only an interference to the interior affairs of China, but also detriments to the feelings of UCSD’s Chinese students and scholars. Moreover, events like this will worsen the relationship between China and the U.S. Chinese government is always against Dalai Lama’s any attempt separating China under any name with the cover of any identity, and is always against his meeting with any officials of any country under any name or any form. CSSA, in line with the country, is also against the dissemination of any provocative and serious political saying that slanders the history of China out of vague motives, which will harm the international image of China. The association strongly protects the legal rights of any individual and any organization. However, the association also strongly insists that those insulations to Chinese politics and history under the name of “free religion” will not be tolerated.


The campus is supposed to be a place for students’ learning and development, yet these actions of UCSD are against its founding spirits of respect, tolerance, equality, and endeavor. it is an offence to Chinese students and scholars. If UCSD dares to insist on inviting Dalai Lama, the association will take more determined and strong actions in response. The detailed resorts will be presented in the following statements.

PS: CSSA-USCD is a non-profit organization founded in 1985, under the direct leadership of the Consulate-General of PRC in Los Angeles, though it claims itself to be a non-political, non-religious, and non-profit self-governed organization of Chinese students and scholars.




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